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A World of Leisure with the Leisure Vouchers Gift Card

The Leisure Voucher Gift Card is here, a whole new way to get out in the world and start making the most of that time out of the office.

You should already be familiar with Leisure Vouchers, the paper voucher from Virgin Incentives that can be used just like cash at hundreds of locations and with lots of different brands across the UK. Paper’s great, there’s no denying it (it makes flashing the cash nice and easy), but we’re well aware that plastic is the future – say hello to the brand-spanking new Leisure Voucher Gift Card, valid with several of the old brands (where paper vouchers can still be used) and a handful of new ones too.

These guys said hello and are already loving it

Not only is it small and convenient for fitting in a wallet or purse, but it can be reloaded once it’s been run dry. Leisure voucher Gift Cards can be recharged as and when needed to create a convenient little reward any time, any place (provided there’s an internet connection of course!).

Tenpin accepts the new gift card as well as paper vouchers, so it’s time to bowl the night away

Along with its fresh-faced and slender form, with the release of the Leisure Voucher Gift Card we’ve also been able to bring some fantastic brand new brands and partners on board valid with either the gift card or paper Leisure Vouchers and a few that are valid with both. There’s one or two that are still in the pipeline (more on that at a later date), but you can now book even more hotels and breaks (HotelREZ), dine out at even more restaurants (HarvesterNicholson’s PubsSizzling Pubs, and Pizza Express), relax at more spas and go on even more experiences than ever before (Virgin Experience Days, we meet again).

Wyevale Garden Centres are also on trend accepting the new card

It’s separate, but similar, to the paper Leisure Vouchers that are still going strong, but it’s important to remember valid at some different (and new) places. If you’re considering trying out the new gift card, check here to see which Leisure Voucher option is right for you.

Why not try out the new postcode lookup and see where the nearest place is that you can start using your Leisure Vouchers. Simply get to one of those locations, whip out your gift card when it’s time to pay and the money’s transferred instantly, hassle-free. If you’re not sure if your card will cover the balance, you can even check how much you’ve got left on your card online – it couldn’t be easier!

There’s so many locations to choose from, it verges on the ridiculous

If you’re already working with Virgin Incentives and think your company could benefit from some Leisure Voucher Gift Card action, speak to your Virgin Incentives account manager about how we can get you set up. Forgotten who that is or don’t have one yet? Get in touch at 0330 111 3030 or email us at

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