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What are Leisure Vouchers?

Leisure Vouchers are paper vouchers equivalent to cash, available in denominations of £5, £10 and £25, that can be used to get yourself and your employees out and about, whether that’s an exciting day out or a nice family meal all the way to weekend breaks and holidays abroad.

If you’re not sure how to reward your staff, Leisure Vouchers are a great way to cover all your bases and get everybody smiling.

She’s smiling on the inside

What can Leisure Vouchers be used for?

Leisure vouchers are valid at a whole range of venues, with Tenpin Bowling, Wyevale Garden Centres, Premier Inn Hotels, Hoseasons and more all on the redemption list. Want to see all of the places you can use them? Just check out the range on the Leisure Vouchers site

It can be tough to keep everyone happy, from the Sales Exec who likes to talk for days about taking their kids bowling (where they all scored perfect games), the Junior Administrator who just likes to kick back at the weekend with a bottle of wine and their latest DVD, and the Marketing Manager who somehow always finds time every weekend to fly off to France. With Leisure Vouchers each of these guys can do what they love in their free time, and they’ll have you to thank for it.

We know – there’s no way these amateurs scored perfect games

Where can I use Leisure Vouchers?

There are over 500 locations across the UK where you can use your Leisure Vouchers, but there’s an easy way to narrow down the list. Simple type in your postcode on the Leisure Vouchers Location Finder and every nearby result will be highlighted for you. If you’re going somewhere and you want to know if you can use your vouchers there, just put in the postcode of where you’re going – it couldn’t be easier!

How to use Leisure Vouchers

Leisure Vouchers work just like cash, so just turn up at your chosen venue (found using the location finder above), and when it comes to pay just tell the staff that you have Leisure Vouchers and they should know what to do.

Some locations see them less often than others, and some staff may be new so they’ve never seen Leisure Vouchers before, but be patient and rest assured they’ll be able to put your Leisure Vouchers through the system.

If those look like the sort of places you want to be associated with, give us a call on 0330 111 3030 or email at to find out how we can bring a wide world of rewards to your door.

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