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Client rewards portal

Motivate, reward & incentivise all your employees in one place

About the service

With our user-friendly portal, you can motivate, reward & incentivise all your employees in one place. Through the rewards portal your teams will have access to our range of experiences, days out, holidays, gift cards, retail vouchers and much more!

Whether your team has 10 or 10,000 members, our reward portal can take care of your employee incentives, reward and recognition or long service awards. It not only makes delivering memorable experiences to your teams easier than before, but it’s also a simple way for them to access their rewards and arrange something they can look forward to.

If you’re UK-based and looking to spend a minimum of £10,000 on corporate rewards, this is the ideal rewards platform. We’ll also help to set up your employee communications so your people can be rewarded in real time.

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