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Corporate Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is a wonderful time to come together and celebrate the commitment and loyalty of your employees, teams, and your fabulous customers.

It’s the perfect occasion to recognize and reward people with extra ordinary gifts, to ensure your employees and customers feel genuinely valued & can treat themselves through unforgettable and unbeatable experiences and days out. Experiences are memorable, personal, and great for sharing with family and friends.

 Create magical moments through an inspirational experience gift this festive season.
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Gifting Options

Virgin Experience Gifts eGift Card

From adventure activities, driving experiences, spa pampering and scenic cruises we’ve got great experiences for everyone!

Gift a Virgin Experience Gifts eGift Card to treat an employee or a customer to something they’ll absolutely love & can share with their friends & family.

You simply load from $5 - $5000 onto the card, then send instantly via email. Our eGift Card allows the recipient to choose their own experience, so you don't have to worry about it getting it right. Learn more 

Most Popular Experiences

Here's some inspiration of our most popular experiences that people can enjoy

Temecula Sunrise Balloon Ride

Soak up the charming Temecula Wine Country during sunrise from above on a hot air balloon ride! Your hot air ballooning adventure begins at La Vindemia, a private vineyard in the middle of the Temecula Wine Country - centrally located between San Diego and Los Angeles, and just inland from Orange County. 

Learn to fly a Cessna

Feel the unforgettable thrill of taking the controls and soaring through the sky in an airplane as you Learn to Fly. You will be assigned your own personal FAA Certified Flight Instructor who will walk you through all the things a real pilot does.  You'll do all the pre-flight procedures, taxi the aircraft, talk to the control tower to get clearance, learn about the complexity of the take off, and once airborne you'll do many in-flight maneuvers.

Bioluminescent Kayak Adventure in Tomales Bay

Experience one of nature's most spectacular light shows as you paddle through the glowing waters of Tomales Bay during this Bioluminescent Kayak Adventure!

Wine Tasting Sail
New York City

Raise a glass and add a splash of class to an unforgettable evening on the Wine Tasting Sail in New York!

Drive a Stock Car, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Prepare for the thrill of a lifetime when you drive a Stock Car at Thompson International Speedway!

Multi Choice Collection Vouchers


Pick your theme or price point and reward away, with a wide range of experiences for one or two people.

The price isn’t included on the voucher, so the selection of experiences included with each voucher speak for themselves.

Choose from 421 Experiences

With a range of experiences from delicious cooking classes to thrilling flying lessons, this gift can be anything from a relaxing night out to adrenaline-fueled thrills.

No matter what your recipient is into, our $300 Purple Collection includes handpicked experiences that anyone will enjoy.

Choose from 409 Experiences

From wine tastings, an entire day with a professional chef, a playing lesson with a PGA Pro, flying lessons, or remote island camping, this gift can be anything from a relaxing night out to an adrenaline-fueled adventure. No matter what your recipient is into, our $500 Gold Collection includes carefully chosen experiences for every taste.

Choose from 267 Experiences

Pick straight from our thoughtfully curated selection of experiences.

Our assortment of options ranges from relaxing spa treatments to fun dinner cruises to thrilling helicopter tours – and so much more. No matter who the gift is for, our $200 Red Collection includes handpicked experiences for all.

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