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How to Build Resilience in This Ever Changing Environment

Virgin Incentives is built on intrinsic motivation, it’s in our make-up and we know it gives us our winning edge. Our team love what they do, believe in our business and are committed to providing extraordinary experiences to our customers. What’s not to love when you’re in the game of creating memories instead of filling lives with more “things”. Now more than ever, people understand the importance of our brand and our product, time with people you love is precious.

When our teams are this motivated, a shift to remote working didn’t rock the boat and we have been able to weather the storm. However, when external factors become more and more prevalent in the lives of our teams, we need to adjust the way we support them. Motivation is second nature to our people leaders, but inspiring our people to think differently in an ever changing world is now the biggest game changer for us.

Resilience, after all, is a learnt skill and we all need it by the bucket load in order to navigate and perform in this ever-changing environment. Here are a few of the ways we do it:

Honest communication

Our leadership team have been sharing how they REALLY feel dealing with a pandemic, both from a business and family perspective. It’s important our teams know we are #bettertogether and to struggle at times is human, what really matters is how we deal with it. We focus on our circles of control, we talk about what really worries us and understand which areas we can control and which are totally out of our control. If we nurture the resilience to better manage those areas we can control, we will help our teams win in every aspect of their lives.


The team at headspace have an incredible platform and we’re providing memberships for our whole team. We want them to be ok, we want them to come out of this stronger than ever. Headspace is a team mindset training app that provides science backed mindfulness, movement and sleep support. With poor mental health being a potential by-product of the pandemic, we know the importance of equipping our team with the right tools and support.

Inspiration sessions

Our team need brilliant leaders in order to thrive and working with the incredible Marcus Child we ensure our leadership are fired up and ready to tackle any challenges we face, and that is quickly cascaded to our teams. Heading into the festive season, we are preparing similar resilience focussed sessions for the whole Virgin Incentives team to enjoy and put into practice.


Feeling part of the Virgin Incentives family has never been more important and we’re keen to encourage our teams to unwind and feel as connected as they felt in the physical office environment. Virtual games, drinks, cocktail making and everyone’s favourite – sharing food! These are all things we’re using to help our teams remember they’re part of something bigger and they have an army of support around them.

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