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Why Virgin Incentives?

We understand that people want much more than money from their work, people want to feel special and valued – and that’s our speciality

68% Increase Productivity 68% of companies with social recognition report a direct positive impact on retention
20% Employee Retention Using rewards can reduce employee turnover by 20%
71% Create memories 71% people surveyed want an experience over a physical gift

Quite simply, because we’re open, honest, straightforward and like to do things a little differently. We understand that your employees & clients want much more than money from their work, and from you – people want to feel special and valued – and that’s our speciality.

We make that happen through flexible reward packages based on an unbeatable range of experiential corporate rewards. Our advice is given freely – we’ll never ask for silly consultancy fees (that’s uncool, and not our style) and our reward solutions will be tailored and packaged in line with your objectives and budgets. We don’t just want your employees to have an amazing experience, but in your dealings with us, we aim to provide the extraordinary service you’d expect from a member of the Virgin brand.

Inspiration for everyone

Employee Experiences are immensely fun and highly memorable – anyone who goes on one remembers it for years to come and they appreciate where they got it from too. They cost less than you might think, and their perceived value is much higher than cash, this helps to keep everyone happy for less. Adding a human touch to your rewards can really make you stand out. Since the pandemic more businesses are understanding the value of experiential gifts and how time spent with loved ones is so valuable. By gifting your employees an experience, you are giving them a live moment that becomes a lifelong memory and something for them to look forward to. Experiences are fun, forever and such an inspiration for everyone. With thousands of experiences to choose from including hundreds to do from home, we’ve made sure there’s something for everyone.

Added Value & Only Good Vibes

We don’t think your corporate reward scheme should be complicated, so we’ll be by your side every step of the way. As well as a dedicated business manager, you’ll have access to top-notch marketing support to add creativity and impact to your employee engagement scheme. And you won’t get a whiff of a management fee, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. Whether you’re based in the UK or U.S, we will always be on hand to offer you and your teams something exciting, something rewarding, all so your staff stick around for the long haul saving you money and time.

Partner with us and you’ll be joining happy clients including Barclaycard, DHL, Investec, Lululemon, Whitbread, Mediavine, and many more businesses.

Successful Virgin Incentives Customers

CV Library

During 2022 end of year festive season we had the challenge to award some members of our team with Holiday Gift Cards. Thankfully, we found Virgin Incentives and we couldn’t be lucky enough. The customer service is really efficient and helpful, they provided the gift cards within the timeline we needed and because of them we could also give a great experience to our winners. We will definitely be using Virgin Incentives again and I do recommend it to any company interested in raising their customer experience bar.


Over our 7 years of trading , our emphasis has always been to ensure that our customers not only get the quality and prompt service they expect but also receive value for the monetary engagement they entrust us with . This is by no means a simple responsibility to juggle and requires full dedication in choosing the right Partners. Virgin Incentives have proven to not only fulfill and satisfy our every need, demand and at times challenges we throw at them, but have time and time again risen above and beyond our expectations and delight in delivering first class experiences for all of our customers and at times staff. Their customer service is unparalleled , and their administrative staff and team leaders leave no stones unturned in making sure they prioritise our every whim making this a unique and valued relationship. Our clients are happy, we are happy and long may we have the distinguished privilege to rub shoulders with in my opinion the industries finest operator in their sector and Industry.

Globexpert Fundraising

We’re extremely delighted to announce that we recently concluded our collaboration with Virgin Incentives. It was a fun-filled, engaging experience. The most exciting aspect of this association was Virgin’s incredible service delivery. The Virgin Incentives team over-delivered on their ‘peace of mind for your team and clients’ promise. This speaks volumes about their work ethic and generosity. That said, we recommend Virgin Incentives as a trustworthy rewards partner to organizations of all sizes.

The Silicon Review

We order hundreds of Virgin Experience gift vouchers on a monthly basis for our employee loyalty scheme. There is a variety of experiences available which means there is something for everyone. The process of ordering the vouchers is seamless and efficient. The Virgin Incentives team are always on hand to support and have been great to work with.


As a known branded company, it always helps our profile working with quality companies such as Virgin Incentives. Virgin incentives are very professional, precise and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to a long working relationship. In today’s climate long-term, well-established companies help smaller companies like ourselves grow, and in return we help build up their client base.

UK Data House

Virgin Incentives is a great brand from a consumer and employer perspective, so we are proud to have them in our membership. The team are great communicators, committed to our cause and meet our ambitious deadlines! One of our favourite members!

I’d recommend Virgin Incentives as a rewards partner to other organisations as they have an array of offerings that are easily accessible and unique. People are always looking for ways to experience life and there is nothing better than giving a gift that has real meaning to that individual person to which they emotionally respond. An experience fits this bill.

The Gift Club

From when I first joined the company over 10 years ago, to when I started managing the Virgin account, I have not had anything but a great experience. More recently, through arguably the most difficult time of living and working, Virgin made it a seamless transition to having more “at home” experiences added in and available for our customers, which was a massive help with the pandemic in full effect. After this, our customers wanted to get back out and enjoy doing things again, and Virgin were – and still are – a huge part of this. We have always felt that an anniversary at work should be remembered by an experience, rather than an object to sit in a cupboard. These experiences are what we put forward to every client, and always what we offer for promotions and when clients want a one-off award. The level of experiences available is fantastic and a reason why our business with Virgin is in it’s best ever, and it only likely to grow.

OC Tanner

The Virgin Incentives team are really friendly – a pleasure to work with. The breadth of experiences available means there’s something for all kinds of people – and there’s definitely appetite for getting out of the office for team experiences this year.

PHA Group

‘We purchase Virgin Experience vouchers Ad Hoc for our employees so there might be a period when we order a lot and then nothing or just 1 or 2 for a few months, it never matters though, our BDE always responds quickly and organises the vouchers for us with a payment link. The vouchers are usually sent out the same day too which is great for us. Thanks to the excellent service, we will continue purchasing these vouchers for our employees. The huge offering of different experiences is obviously a massive bonus as well, something for everyone!’

Highfield Professional Solutions

Throughout the year we like to run various competitions and incentives to engage and excite our teams. Prizes need to be compelling and easy to award. We know our teams love to do things together, so gifting them a Virgin Gift Card gives them the flexibility to choose what they do. We have restaurants nationwide, so geographical flexibility is essential. The purchasing process is quick and easy and there’s always someone on hand to help with our specific needs.

Pizza Express

We work with Virgin Incentives for customer gifting and purchase both collection vouchers, gift cards and selected experiences. Virgin Incentives are a good fit for our market, they’re broad, UK wide choice and cover a wide demographic for different occasions. The success has been very promising so far, we expect sales to grow as we continue to.


We set out to find a gift for one of our long standing members of staff. We decided to partner with Virgin Incentives as they give the recipient the flexibility to choose their own experience whether it be a spa weekend or whatever they might want to book, so we purchased a Virgin Experience Days Gift Card for our team member and the gift went down extremely well.

Euro Welcome

Featured Products

We have corporate reward solutions for anyone and everyone through experiences, gift cards, eVouchers and events. From driving a Ferrari around a famous racetrack, to visiting the iconic Shard and its amazing views of London or enjoying a relaxing dinner cruise along the Hudson River and more – we’ve got rewards that get people talking.

UK Experiences

UK Experiences

UK Gift Cards

UK Gift Cards

US Experiences

US Experiences

US eGift Card

US eGift Card

How we can help...

Engage Your Employees

Happy workers work better, work harder, and they stick around - saving money on recruitment. You’ve probably heard how keeping customers around is good for business, and we’ve found that the same is true for employees too. Wondering how to inspire your employees (and their families) with something unforgettable? Wonder no more.
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Celebrate Your Customers

It costs 60% more to bring in a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, so it works for everyone to keep your customers happy, engaged and continually coming back for more. Virgin Incentives is all about making everyone happy, so whether you want to grab the attention of new or old customers – we’ve got the solutions for you.
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