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What are Virgin Experience Days?

We share our knowledge and learn about the world through our experiences – and that’s what Virgin Experience Days are all about.

People love to talk about the things they’ve done, whether it’s achievements at work, their last ‘crazy’ weekend or what they got up to on their holidays.

We share our knowledge and learn about the world through our experiences – and that’s what Virgin Experience Days are all about. They’re paper- or e-vouchers that give you access to a specific experience to be booked and taken within the voucher’s validity.

Experiences like new and exotic foods

If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’, then Virgin Experience Days are their ticket to changing ‘I’ve always wanted’ to ‘I have’.

You may run the risk of them never stopping talking about it in the office, but if they’re mentioning their experience day rewards to friends and family then it can only be good for business.

“So what 5-star restaurant did you dine at this weekend, Carol?”

Virgin Experience Days are ideally suited to the special reward, the long service reward and treating those who go above and beyond to something they’ll never forget.

If you know exactly what they’re into: perfect – you can head straight to the voucher they’d like and everyone’s a winner. If your staff are a touch more enigmatic, then collection vouchers are a great way to let them pick for themselves without having to agonise over the choice yourself. All of the good feeling – minimal fuss.

And a healthy amount of bliss if they choose a spa

We’ve been in the experience business for over 27 years now, so we know all about matching the best experiences to your objectives and your team.

And with new products added all the time, a changing catalogue gives you the ability to offer employees something new all across the year.

There’s something for everyone from spas to skydives, for age ranges ranging from 18-90+. Though if you’ve got someone on the payroll at 90, they should probably be thinking about retiring…

…Or bungee jumping

Take a full look at the Virgin Experience Days catalogue right here, then once you’ve decided this is something you want to get your team involved in, give us a call on 0330 111 3030 or email ( and we’ll help your staff experience the world in a whole new way.

So what are you waiting for?
Let’s get talking!