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Have Fun at Work and Make the Office Enjoyable

Despite spending a large chunk of our lives at work, typically being in the office and sitting at our desks is never the most exciting thing is it? There are a million things we would rather be doing. In the lead up to National have fun at work day on the 28th of January, we felt the timing is right to cover some of our favourite ideas when it comes to having fun at work and generally making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be. January can suck so why not change things up with your team at work? Here is how to have fun at work! 

Happy Employees

Making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be has many benefits but having fun days and a positive office culture reduces stress and anxiety among the workforce and also helps to reduce employee absences. As an employer, it is your job to look after employee happiness and wellness, but it is not as hard as it sounds! Simple ideas to have fun at work have a huge impact and therefore creates a more positive work environment and successful employees. Plus a smile is contagious! The more happy employees you have, the quicker that positivity and happiness will spread around the rest of the company. 

Here is our checklist for fun activities in the office: 

Fun Outside of the Office

Don’t forget to organise events and activities outside of work time as well. Your employees see each other all the time and therefore it is healthy to help them create friendly relationships with each other. Examples of activities can include drinks after work on a Friday, picnics outside during lunch breaks or even days out together on weekends. Don’t shy away from helping to organise meetups, the better the relationships your employees share with each other, the more likely they are to work well together and better understand their colleagues. How to have fun at work? Having great relationships with colleagues is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. 

National Have Fun at Work Day

We encourage businesses to enjoy fun times at work as much as possible, but National Have Fun at Work Day on the 28th is a great time to start introducing some fun changes. As an employer, you could make the difference between an exciting work life and a boring one for your team. According to Bell Leadership Institute, alongside a strong work ethic, a good sense of humour is the most desirable trait in leaders. So, while it’s important to work hard and achieve good results, let’s not forget to also enjoy ourselves at work and remember there are more benefits to fun times at work than you think. 

Need help on how to have fun at work? We have a range of fantastic employee activities that are perfect for fun at work, we are the experts! Get in touch with us on 0330 111 3030 or email us to find out more. 

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