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Hybrid Working: How to Help Employees With Wellbeing & Mental Health

In previous years, mental health was something of a taboo subject but one positive that was brought about by the pandemic was a destigmatisation of being open and communicating. While many are enthused by the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and returning to the workplace, others feel daunted and anxious by the prospect. As a result, it is vital for HR departments and business leaders to continue supporting their employees with a focus on mental health.

As some organisations have started to open their offices and welcome employees back to an office environment, most businesses have had to adopt a hybrid workforce- where employees will either work from an office or continue to work from home. This hybrid working model means that HR leaders and business leaders will need to re-consider the impact this structure will have on employees’ wellbeing & their mental health.

Here’s some recommendations that HR Leaders can implement to help check-in with their people and ensure mental health and wellbeing is at the forefront of their agenda.

Establish an open support system

According to a recent survey conducted by Blackhawk Network, around one-third of remote workers feel unsupported by their employer and often feel they have no one to talk to. Failure to identify a struggling employee could risk performance, reduce engagement, and create a negative mindset. For a business and the HR team, it’s crucial to maintain regular one-on-one meetings with workers, be it virtual or face-to-face. HR teams should encourage an open-door policy and allow their employees the chance to raise any concerns they may have. Showing a genuine interest in your team’s wellbeing will make everyone more comfortable in asking for your support whenever they may need it.

Strengthen team culture

A study from Twingate, shows 42% of workers say they miss out on the office experience and face-to-face socialising whilst working at home. An isolated worker can often form an unconscious bias with an underlying negative attitude. As a HR leader you should promote inclusiveness and strengthen team culture by offering interactive team activities and business video updates. Providing insights into a company performance and sharing business plans will help cultivate the effectiveness of communication amongst teams and boost their productivity.

Check-in with teams

Hybrid working has made mental health a huge priority for businesses, and employers should encourage the conversation surrounding it. Workers may have some concerns about returning to the office or having to continue working from home. As an employer, it’s crucial to take the first step in addressing mental health. Frequent and personal check-ins with your team can help overcome any concerns.

Reward employees

Managing a hybrid workforce may lead to an imbalance of rewards given out to team members, with some workers potentially missing out on office treats! It’s therefore important to create a fair rewards and recognition scheme so everyone benefits regardless of their location. At Virgin Incentives, We know what really inspires people, and it’s usually not cash or things. It’s memorable experiences and quality time spent with friends, family, or colleagues as a reward for all their hard work.

One of our corporate rewards are Leisure Vouchers. Redeemable at more than 5,000 UK locations, Leisure Vouchers Gift Card is a great gift for employees wherever they are based within UK. The gift card holds an impressive array of redemption partners, including some of the country’s most popular brands, like Merlin Attractions and Premier Inn, to high street favourites, such as Pizza Express, Table Table, Halfords, and many more! With everything reopening, why not spoil your employees with choice and lift your team’s spirits with a corporate reward. Find out more about Leisure Vouchers.

If you’d like to find out how we can support your employee engagement programme, give us a call on 0330 111 3030, email us at or simply complete a short form and we’ll contact you.

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