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It’s National Walking Month – Encourage Employees to get Moving!

May 2021 is National Walking Month, it’s an event that promotes improving our physical and mental wellbeing and encourages all walks of life, from around the UK, to get out and about!

Research shows that taking 20-minute walks or taking part in low-to-moderate yoga, increases blood circulation to the brain and can heighten cognitive performance by 12%. Another study reveals that taking part in a 16-week exercise program can boost sleep quality up to 65%, making people feel more energised during the day.

Considering the above, and with Summer right around the corner, we recommend HR and team leaders to encourage their employees to go on lunchtime strolls or after-work walks. By promoting these changes to your teams lifestyle, it will make them more proactive in completing tasks, as their ability to focus gets restored. It also influences a healthy mindset and endorses happiness, as more work gets done and there is less stress to worry about!

Here at Virgin Incentives, we’ve become inspired to gather some of our favourite mindfulness experiences, that we recommend HR and team leaders gift to their employees to help them wind down and relax! You can gift these experiences through a Virgin Experiences Days Gift Card.

Self-Guided Hiking Experience

Embark on an adventure with your team, and channel your inner explorer with this Self-Guided Hiking Experience! With up to six participants, this team-building activity comes with curated booklets for you to head for the hills and appreciate nature!

Alpaca Walking Experience

Nestled in a picturesque farm in Henley in Arden, this Alpaca Walking Experience is perfect for an animal-loving team member! Become acquainted with your alpaca friend, and go on a tranquil walk together, through rolling fields and peaceful lakes. Keep your eyes peeled for other residents on the farm as you may meet playful goats, llamas and emus along the way!

Relaxing Spa Day with Three Treatments

Not a fan of walking? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Spoil your employees with a relaxing Spa Day to help them de-stress! With full access to spa facilities and three luxurious treatments, your employees will unwind with a Welcome Touch facial and mini back, neck, and shoulder massage.

Relaxation & Wellness Day with Whitecalm Retreats

Another way to promote a healthy mindset is by rejuvenating your team with this Relaxation and Wellness Day Experience! Led by a wellness expert, you’ll be guided in a gentle approach to positive thinking and self-care. Finish the day with deep relaxation yoga or a guided meditation session to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

If you’d like to gift any of these experiences as a corporate reward, or want to find out how we can support your employee engagement program, give us a call on 0330 111 3030, email us at or simply complete a short form and we’ll contact you. We’ll work with you to create fun, memorable and long lasting rewards.

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