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Self Care Practices Employees Should Do To Beat Blue Monday

How to beat Blue Monday? Employees all over the country have been experiencing work-related stress, depression, and anxiety. The Health and Safety Executive reports that over 822,000 workers showed signs of these conditions in 2020 and 2021. The rate is also seen to be higher now, which the agency categorized as post-pandemic life, than the numbers found in 2018 through 2019.

As the world begins to return to normal, there is another reason employees have been dreading work– Blue Monday. This phenomenon has been noted as the most depressing day of the year following the holiday festivities, on the third Monday of January. Some companies take it upon themselves to keep workers happy, as noted in a past article, through rewarding them with different experiences. If you want to personally be able to beat the Blue Monday sadness, here are some self-care tips you can use:

Make use of your breaks

Employees, especially those who work long shifts, may start feeling fatigued after a while or may push themselves further than they should. A study on Recovery During Lunch Breaks found that being able to have some time away from work can help increase energy levels again, also giving a more positive disposition. Some jobs also offer 10- to 15-minute coffee or smoke breaks that workers should definitely take advantage of to simply clear their minds. This will help alleviate any stress and negative feelings you may have.

Take on tasks you know you excel in

Each person has their own strength and weakness, and it is important to play into what you know you can do best. Ray Dalio wrote in his book the ‘Principles of Life and Work’ that knowing where an individual excels can set them up for success. This can make tasks seem easier and more meaningful for employees as they feel like they are accomplishing more. Dalio’s book is all about reaching goals, and doing work that makes you feel more fulfilled will not only make you appreciate your job more but will also make you feel better overall. This is because you will be less stressed and more comfortable with your job. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t push yourself outside your comfort zone. It only means that you can start with things you excel in to get your momentum going.

Socialise with co-worker

Socialization is another popular mood booster that is seen to be highly effective. Work fulfilment writer Tracy Brower explains that building solid relationships at work can give people a much-needed support system where they can feel comfortable to express their grievances and struggles. Connections formed through common stressors can result in a relationship built on empathy and understanding, leading to you being listened to and heard.

Reward yourself

After a long day of hard work, it is important to reward yourself as a reminder that what you are doing is meaningful for you. This can come in many forms like buying yourself your favourite coffee or watching a series you’ve been looking forward to. If you’ve accomplished a great task at work, be sure that what you give yourself is also relative in scale to what you have done. This will give you something to look forward to at the end of the day and give you the motivation to keep on working. Sometimes, the little things in life can bring unexpected but much-needed happiness.

As Blue Monday approaches, be sure to take care of yourself and remain resilient through trying times. These are just some of the ways how you can beat Blue Monday and how you can keep yourself happy and motivated throughout your working day.

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