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Sales Challenger Day with An Experienced Sales Trainer – A Corporate Experience Exclusive

That’s right, Virgin Incentives have just got a product you won’t find listed on our consumer site, and it’s great for getting more out of your sales teams

Helping your sales team perform at their best can be a tough task. Employee turnover in the sales industry is nearly three times the turnover across all other industries 35% against 13%, and if you’ve felt the same then a frequently changing line up of account managers, sales managers and business development executives could be holding your team as a whole back. Shining stars are brought down by groupthink, while detractors and flaggers are hidden by the successes of others.

But how can you lift your team’s morale and identify the best performers and leaders, while helping those behind to see the value in sales, negotiation and problem-solving skills? Well, we think we have the solution.

What is the Sales Challenger Day?

The Sales Challenger Day is team building with a difference, emulating a famous TV show by setting two teams against each other for a day of challenges and putting sales-related skills to the test. The skills involved include:

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Planning and Prioritising
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Organisation

Which will be used through 25 unique challenges set across London – some are straightforward, while some will need a bit of thinking outside the box to get them done! Team leaders and assistant leaders will be chosen to take teams to the top (and also hold responsibility for each team’s successes and failures), with half an hour to plan before hitting the city streets with eyes on victory.

What’s included?

12-20 people can take part in everything mentioned above, with breakfast and lunch be provided for every team member on the day. At the end of the day, teams will be brought together for a ‘board room’-style debrief and trophy ceremony – though the trophy will only go to the winners! Sessions run four times a month


To learn even more about the Sales Challenger Day or to discuss pricing, give us a call on 0330 111 3030 or send us an email at

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