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Referral Rewards

Boost the performance of your referral strategy. 

Harness the Power of Referrals with Exciting Rewards

We all know that word of mouth is one of the most effective and influential methods of brand awareness and service credibility with people far more likely to trust the advice of friends and family over mass advertising. Enhance your referral strategy by incorporating enticing incentives that not only reward existing customers but also create natural talking points for potential new customers.

5X Customers referred by a friend convert five times faster than those acquired through other channels.

Key elements such as price, customer experience, brand perception and customer service play a pivotal role in determining whether people are likely to recommend your brand or not. Adding incentives to your referral strategy will create natural talking points for consumers and will boost the likelihood of attracting new customers. Providing something fun and exciting will leave consumers no choice but to shout about your brand and services. With the added benefit of social media, your free incentive giveaway news will capture many new audiences and followers. 

Transform your customers into brand advocates and your referral program into a powerful marketing tool with Virgin Incentives. Explore our diverse range of rewards and incentives today and start harnessing the full potential of referrals to grow your business.

Our product range can seamlessly integrate into your existing referral schemes or marketing campaigns. With flexible redemption options and easy implementation, driving engagement has never been easier.

Helping you overcome
your challenges

We’re experts in all things rewards and our products are used to reward customers for all sorts of reasons. 

Bring customers in and keep them coming back for more with our range of acquisition and retention solutions, and add a bit of Virgin magic to your next customer-related marketing campaign.

What are the benefits of working with Virgin Incentives?

We’re honest and straightforward, knowledgeable, and enterprising. Our service is designed to deliver peace of mind. Our aim is to make you happy, but we also go out of our way to ensure your customers enjoy their experience. Here’s what to expect working with us:

Free & Easy

No management fees, no contracts, no nasty surprises. And you’ll find us easy and fun to deal with.

Above & beyond

Your dedicated Account Manager will be by your side and on your side. We’ll ensure things get done as efficiently as possible.

Dotted & crossed

The more attention to detail we pay, the more you can relax. Accuracy and efficiency are our top priority.

How can you support me and my customers?

We’re committed to helping all our experiences be enjoyed when the time’s right! Your customers will enjoy a seamless journey and be supported every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to buy, or have an experience at the ready, we want you to know that you and your customers are completely covered:

Flexible Booking

We’re keeping things extra flexible, with no expiry dates in the US and with easy extensions available in the UK to find a date that’s right for you and your customers.

Free Exchanges

More of an animal lover than a golf fanatic? Worried about missing the mark with an outside-the-box gift idea? Exchange onto any experience at any time, totally free.

Free Instant Delivery

Fire off incredible experiences to inboxes everywhere with e-vouchers, delivered instantly, anywhere, and contact-free.

Heartfelt Service

This one’s in our DNA, we’re here to support both you and your customers should you run into any issues.

What are popular rewards for customer referrals?

Virgin Incentives offers a wide range of rewards and incentives designed to fuel your referral scheme’s success. Check out our guide for rewarding different personalities which suggests a range of experiences that you can gift to your clients and customers.

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