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What is the Virgin Experience Days Gift Card?

Did you know Virgin Experience Days are available as a handy gift card? Perfect for a quick and easy reward, as the card holder gets to choose the fun that’s right for them. The Virgin Experience Days Gift Card gives access to over 4,000 experiences nationwide and a range of special offers which come together to make their money go further.

Virgin Experience Days are for getting people talking, giving them amazing experiences to share with everyone who’ll lend an ear. We’ve already talked about how great they are, but if you’ve found the options a bit overwhelming then we think we’ve got the solution for you when it comes to your next round of employee rewards.

Little. Red. Different.

Available at a variety of price points, from £5 for a quick reward to £2,500 if you’re feeling particularly generous, Virgin Experience Days Gift Cards are perfect if you know they’d love a Virgin Experience Day but have no idea which one they’d prefer. If they’ve got a partner or someone they’d like to treat as well, there’s loads of experiences for two to enjoy. Plus you can choose to send the gift cards to your recipients as physical or digital gift cards, whichever suits your needs better!

Like signature meals from the Raymond Blanc

Are they more spa or supercar? With one of these gift cards it doesn’t matter – whoever you gift it to will have 12 months to choose for themselves through the dedicated Virgin Experience Days site. Special offers are carried across so there’s plenty of savings to be had, and the range is as exceptional as always with experiences hand-picked by our dedicated buying team. As an extra bonus, the gift card packaging looks great too!

Who knew Virgin Experience Days Gift Cards could get you drinks?

Cashing in the card couldn’t be easier for the end user either, as all they need to do is pick their experience as usual and then type in the card details at the payment details screen. Your recipients are able to use up to 5 gift cards per transaction. Using up the card’s balance is super easy too (as you’d expect) – if there isn’t enough on the card for the full value of the experience, they can just add their debit or credit card details at the same time for the remainder of the cost. Similarly, if they’d rather just use some of the card’s value rather than all of it, all they need to do is enter the amount they’d like to redeem. Simple!

Quick and easy, so at least 50% like driving a supercar

Getting people talking is great, and having them talk about you and the great experience you got them on is even better. If you’d like to add some Virgin Experience Days association to your company benefits packages, give us a call on 0330 111 3030 or email us at and we’ll be on hand to help you make the next year one to remember for every single member of staff. Find out more below:

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