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Unforgettable Customer & Employee Gifts Under $50

One of the best and most memorable rewards that you can gift to your colleagues or customers is our brilliant experience vouchers, a great way for your recipients to make some memories and tick something off the bucket list with one of our many experiences located all across the USA. Whether you’re acknowledging an important client, celebrating an employee’s milestone accomplishment, or thanking a teammate for their help on a project, our range of experiences makes corporate gift giving, simple and easy. We know that everyone has different budgets so we wanted to cover a few customer and employee gifts under $50. 

And don’t forget you could also gift our super flexible Virgin Experience Gifts eGift Card for the holidays allowing the recipient of your gift card to choose their own experience, so you don’t have to worry about getting it right. They’ll pick from over 5000 experiences located all across the US. You can choose to load a price point up to $5000 on each gift card and let your recipient select their own gift.

Experiences under $50

Immersive Alpaca Encounter- Denver, CO

Do you know any animal lovers who want to meet some delightfully personable animals and see how an alpaca ranch works? On this Immersive Alpaca Encounter, they’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with these mesmerizing creatures!
Located only 15 miles from Denver, this 1.5-hour tour takes place in the middle of gorgeous Colorado nature with epic mountain views. This amazing Immersive Alpaca Encounter is an unforgettable animal adventure to share with family and friends!

Miami Speedboat Adventure- Miami, FL

Gift somebody the chance to experience Miami’s unique character, culture, and local charm from the water on this exciting speedboat sightseeing tour! Your recipients will join their expert guide aboard a sleek and stylish speed boat to get ready for an epic 45-minute ride.
The boat will zip out to the ocean and take in stunning views of the area’s top attractions and gives the chance to see Port Miami, Biscayne Bay, Star Island, Fisher Island, & South Beach. This is non-stop action from start to finish.

Five Minute Rage Room Experience- Houston, TX

Do your employees or clients need a way to release some stress or anger? Give them five minutes inside this exciting Rage Room Experience, and they’ll be feeling zen in no time!
Everyone has had those days when you just can’t take it anymore. Stress at work, frustrations at home, and the list goes on. Sometimes you just need to scream and break something. Now is their chance to release all of their negative emotions and energy in a safe space…and they won’t have to clean it up when they’re done.

Outdoor Axe Throwing with Go Ape- Chicago, IL

Let your people soak up some sunshine and learn how to throw like an expert with this Outdoor Axe Throwing package! The instructor will provide some helpful tips as they warm up with a couple practice throws. Once they’ve perfected their technique, the group can challenge each other to an epic throwing competition. Get ready, take aim, and see who will take home the title of axe master!
Perfect for friends, couples, or co-workers, this Outdoor Axe Throwing package will add a thrilling twist to their next adventure!

Cat Yoga- Seattle, WA

This is one of our most unique customer & employee gifts under $50. Gift a fun and unique experience with this chance to try Cat Yoga with cute, cuddly cats! This 1-hour Viniyoga flow class is very adaptive and meant to allow participants to focus on peace of mind while surrounded by soft felines.
This session is perfect for yoga beginners and cat-lovers. Don’t be surprised when a furry friend joins you on your mat, climbs on top of you, or comes around for cuddles! Interacting with the soft cats can help ground your people and enhance the sense of calm that yoga brings.

McGrath Family Farm Guided Tour and Wine Tasting- Los Angeles, CA

Located just 55 miles north of Los Angeles, the McGrath Family Farm is a slice of paradise. Since 1868, the McGraths have been farming these rich soils using sustainable, regenerative, and organic methods.
The exciting day kicks off with a 1.5 hour guided farm tour where your recipients will even get the chance to pick and taste seasonal produce! For the grand finale, they’ll be treated to an unforgettable wine tasting experience with Public Domain Wines.

Escape Room- Atlanta, GA

Combine a fun social activity with critical thinking and challenging puzzles during this entertaining Escape Room experience in Atlanta! Located in The Battery area of Atlanta, your recipients can choose from multiple different escape rooms all presenting different themes, challenges, and puzzles!
The team will then assemble in a themed room and will have 60 minutes to attempt to solve the puzzle and escape the room. This escape room experience is the perfect way for people  to put their unique skills to the test!

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Experience- New York City, NY

Known for its iconic combination of art and design, Central NYC is home to many fantastic art installations, and SUMMIT One Vanderbilt brings it all together into one fantastic experience your co-workers or customers will never forget.
Truly a one-of-a-kind “observation deck,” they’ll move through three levels of art, design and technology as they make their way up the tallest commercial skyscraper in Manhattan.

Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna- Nashville, TN

Located in a stylish space in Nashville’s buzzing 12th South neighborhood, this Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna is designed with health and healing in mind. This 45-minute session incorporates far, mid, and near infrared wavelengths with chromotherapy and countless amenities to enhance the wellness experience.
Each suite comes with towels, plus an array of fitness and self-care accessories. This is one of the best customer and employee gifts under $50 when it comes to wellness.

Happy Hour Sightseeing Cruise- Baltimore, MD

Gift the chance to get up-close views of Baltimore’s unique architecture and famous landmarks with this 1-hour Happy Hour Sightseeing Cruise around Inner Harbor.
Your recipients can grab their complimentary drink (or purchase another one from the bar) and settle in on comfortable outdoor seating along the spacious sun deck. They’ll feel the gentle ocean breeze as they sail effortlessly around the harbor, leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind

Giving experiences or days out for the holidays or for your end of year rewards is the ideal gift, so why not use our flexible gift card or specific experiences for your end of year gifting schemes. There are no expiry dates involved so your recipients can simply book their chosen experience on a date and time that suits them. Plus if they run into any trouble, our award-winning customer service team is here to support both you and your employees/customers.

Interested in any of our customer or employee gifts under $50? Get in touch with us below to find out how we can support you over the festive season:

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